Kyle Harrison

Web Developer

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About Myself

My name is Kyle and I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer based in Toronto, Canada. I love to collaborate with teams and work hard to create something greater than what can be accomplished alone.

I believe in a directed, continuous, focused approach to learning. I'm currently working hard to expand my abilities and passion to create more robust applications in React.

When I'm not coding or brushing up on new web technologies, you can find me playing Fortnite, watching the Toronto Maple Leads conquer or spending time with my family.

The Skill Set


Speeding Delta

Speeding-Delta provides live updates on global financial markets. Built primarily using React, Node and Mongo.db.

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NHL Draft Project

NHL Draft

NHL Fantasy Draft was a group project game developed with Node.js, MYSQL, JavaScript and express-handlebars. Select your favourite players and see how you compete.

Mongo Scraper

Mongo scraper taking tech news articles from The Verge powered by Node.js using Mongoose.

Live version currently under maintanence.

Mongo Scraper Project
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Toronto Flights

Travel website that allows the user to plan a vacation well in advance using the historical climate data of the region.


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