I miss the Royal Rumble

I just can’t even right now.  I forgot that I followed a bunch of wrestlers on twitter and BOOM got hit with a MASSIVE spoiler right up front.


PHP Packages I Can’t Live Without Part 1

Composer is an amazing tool in PHP. It single handedly solves one of the languages largest ecosystem issues: shared, autoloaded code. That said, here’s some of my “Essential” PHP packages that I can’t live without anymore.

  1. doctrine/dbal<br /> Sure one could argue it’s nothing more than a slightly more complex PDO wrapper, and largely I kind of agree with you. What I enjoy the most from Doctrine DBAL is the connection configuration system, and how easy it is to get multiple connections up and running within the shortest possible timespan. But that’s not to say one cant accomplish this with \PDO, so for this one Your Mileage May Vary.
  2. doctrine/orm<br /> Including this will automatically include doctrine/dbal, which is why it’s so high on the list. Doctrine2 ORM is one of the most flexible, powerful, and crazy good tools for dealing with database I/O i’ve ever seen in my life. Using This ORM, and setting it up correctly, can make database navigation feel like a GraphDB.
// Get a Users Friends (Simple example)
$friends = $userRepo->find(1)->getFriends();

// Get a users restaurant recommendations as demonstrated by friends likes (Complicated example)
$friendsLikedRestuarants = $userRepo->find(1)
                                    ->map( function($friend) {
                                         return $friend->getLikes()
                                              ->filter( function($like) {
                                                   return $like->getType() == Types::Restaurant;

The ORM let’s you set up complicated association mappings, and let’s you retrive highly connected data in very simple plain english ways.

  1. jms/serializer<br /> Using something like Doctrine ORM, means that the data you get back from the DB is setup in a crazy complex php object. It’s so crazy in fact, that you will encounter issues when using standard serialization techniques like json_encode() and serialize(). In fact youll see that not all of your data will be in the payload, if anything at all. This is because these crazy complex objects need to be “unpacked” and “decoupled” first, but it also helps to have Reflection happening to deal with the crazy setup. All of this is too much to worry about for something to accomplish. While one can argue that doing manually serialization is the way to go, sometimes you just want to retrieve that record and serialize it right away. That’s where JMS/Serializer comes in. This serializer kicks ass. There hasn’t been a single thing I can throw at it, that it can’t figure out how to translate into JSON, XML, or even YML.
  2. symfony/http-foundation<br /> We’ve all done it at some point, we’ve all written a little helper library taht helps up deal with getting and sanitizing data from PHP superglobals likes $_POST, $_GET and $_REQUEST. What we don’t always do, is properly setup a good response system that can handle different ways of presenting the generated html. Symfony/HttpFoundation is a component that in one line unpacks your entire pages Request into a single very well defined and very well handled object, and provides multiple ways of acquiring the data found within, usually through the use of what is called a ParameterBag, a class designed around an OOP interface for dealing with in-memory unpacked objects. A great example:
$request = Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::createFromGlobals();

$querystringvar = $request->query->get('somevar', 'defaultvalifnotavailable');
$sanitized = $request->query->filter('somevar', 'defaultvalifnotavailable', FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);

And when done dealing with the Request object and getting everything rendered HTML wise, you wrap the whole thing into the foundations Response class

$response = new Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response($content, Response::HTTP_OK);
$response->send(); // The last line in your php file

Feel free to read the documentation on this excellent package, it contains a HUGE deal of functionality (Such as page cache headers) that one may not initially consider at first.

  1. symfony/twig<br /> To me, for years, there was only one “template engine” for php, and that was PHP itself. Smarty and other template engines for PHP just felt like a cumbersome layer that didn’t really address anything earth shattering or convincing as to why they were more useful than PHPTemplate itself. <br /> Enter Twig, a Templating engine that’s actually inspired by Django’s templating engine, and which has been adopted into nearly every web technology in any language you can think of (Jinja for Python, Liquid for Ruby, JTwig for Java, the list goes on). What exactly makes this thing so great? It takes how you normally build PHP front end HTML templates, and flips it on its head. Quite literally. You start off with a base, core template file, and you define blocks inside of it. You then create more template files, that “extend” (or inherit) that template, and override any block of your choosing.
<!-- template.twig -->
<title>{{ pagetitle }} | My Site</title>
<h1>{{ pagetitle ?? "Default Title" }}</h1>
{% block pagehead %}I'm the Head{% endblock %}
<hr />
{% block content %}{% endblock %}
<hr />
{% block pagefoot %}I'm the Foot{% endblock %}
<!-- index.twig -->
{% extends 'template.twig' %}
{% set pagetitle = "Index" %}
{% block content%}
  Im the index!
{% endblock %}

Now if you choose to render just index.twig, the output would look like

<h1>Index</h1> I’m the Head <hr /> Im the index! <hr /> I’m the Foot

TLC 2016 Results

What a night. Filled withs ups and downs, and downs and ups. But int he end, it’s all about I fared in the predictions.

  1. Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton)<br/>
    I couldn’t have been more off if I tried. So the Wyatt Family decided to kick Beauty and the Man Beast to the curb and walk away with the silver and blue. I find this fine as an outcome myself. I quite like the new Wyatt Family with Randy Orton, they are a very strong team indeed complete with Luke Harper (I guess Eric Rowan is just.. kinda… on… where is he again?) and they all work really well as a stable. Of course Heath and Rhyno are entitled to their rematch, but if im going to be frank, I think the Wyatts should keep it at this point. It’s Brays first championship, let’s let them run wild with it.<br /> <br /> My Prediction: Heath pins Randy (in a case of a Veteran getting young talent over)<br /> What Happened: Orton pinned Rhyno with Wyatt using his spider walk as a distraction.<br /><br /> So far: 0 points.
  2. Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin in a Chairs Match<br/>
    This was my prediction for the weakest match of the night, and boy was I wrong there too. Good thing I didn’t wager any points on that. The Chairs match was surprisingly good with Kalisto managing to whip some humility to Corbin. But naturally Corbin is just too much of a powerhouse, and picked up the win. It’s the right call here. And in Talking Smack, the after show, he used his win over Kalisto and his run of wins lately to convince Bryan to move him up the card into the main event scene. Can’t wait to see how that goes. <br /><br /> My Prediction: Baron for the win<br/> What Happened: Baron for the decisive win.<br /><br /> So far: 1 point.
  3. Nikki Bella vs. Carmella in a No Disqualification match<br/>
    This ended up being the weakest match of the night. BY far. Mostly boring all the way through. Super confused in a “Anything Goes” match to have the ref sit there and try to count out Nikki and Carmella when outside of the ring. What sense does that make? No DQ Anything Goes, my ass. Either way, Nikki picked this up in one hilarious fashion that made the whole thing worth it for me: She blasted Carmella to infinity and beyond with a really long fire extinguisher spot. Beautiful.
    My Prediction: Nikki wins. Just long enough for a bathroom break.<br /> What Happened: Nikki wins.<br /><br /> So far: 2 points. I should get three for predicting the bathroom break length, but I wont.
  4. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship<br/>
    Oh boy man, this match is the one I was looking most forward too. Everyone gave this match soaring reviews, and I’m mostly inclined to agree, except this is the match where most of the sloppiness took place. Time after time, I got to watch Dolph bat away at the dangling belt trying to waste time waiting for Miz to get his shit together and come stop him from winning. I found the match was just so slow paced, which I felt really odd given a Dolph vs Miz match, which is usually full of so much energy. I am however super happy that Maryse didn’t get involved, though she very well could have at any moment. But with Miz picking up the win, having it a clean decisive victory means so much more than probable due to interference. The low blow to win makes sense given Miz’s character, but it was absolutely heartbreaking to see Dolph curled up in a fetal position, once again shoved to the side. Out of everyone involved tonight, I’m most concerned for Ziggler and where he goes from here.<br /> <br /> My Prediction: Dolph wins his title back<br/> Post PPV Prediction: Miz and Sami Brand Trade<br /> What Happened: Miz retained the title. This also shits all over my theory of a trade with Miz. Talking Smack just cemented that Miz is there to make Bryans life miserable and he’s perfectly happy with that.<br /> <br /> So far: 2 points. sigh
  5. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss in a Tables match for the Women’s Championship<br/>
    This was a pretty great match if you ask me. I didn’t see a single botch, weak moment, or slow down. Someone was always moving, and someone was always getting punished. The actual ending was great, though a little flashier would have been nice. But overall, pretty good. I look forward to Alexa’s reign as champ.<br /> My Prediction: Alexa Bliss wins.<br /> What Happened: Alexa Bliss wins.<br /> <br /> So far: 3 points.
  6. AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose in a TLC match for the World Championship<br/>
    What a hell of a match. This one was just awesome top to bottom. As far as the PG era goes, I can’t think of more ways to make it too much more violent. The match even still had it’s moment of comedy too it when AJ Styles tights got a cut in them.. on his left cheek. Ass cheek that is. It was honestly pretty distracting but I like that the talent refused to acknowledge the wardrobe malfunction, it allowed me to try and forget it about, as far as that was. <br /> <br /> I also noticed a moment, right after AJ tossed dean through the corner mounted table, the camera caught it beautifully with Dean breaking character for a moment to crack a light hearted joke to AJ in the way of “Betcha wish ya wore some shorts or something huh”. I mean I could SEE Deans character saying that for sure, but it wasn’t said in a condescending “i hate you so Ill make fun of you at your expense” kind of way. There was a chunk of table over deans face and it was shaded pretty well, so there was no reason for Dean to believe the camera could see it nor anyone could hear it. I just thought it was a great little moment of a co-worker trying to pick up their working brother through a light hearted joke to ease the tension, because that couldn’t have been fun for AJ at any point.<br /><br />
    Also Ellseworth turned heel for a moment, and to introduce his “strategy” decided to go against Ambrose (a mistake he will pay for on Tuesday I imagine) so Ellsworth will face AJ Styles for a title match he’s been promised. See he feels that he can take AJ, and win the title. And in turn for being a good sport about it, will let Dean Ambrose be the first challenger to his new belt. This can go only one of two ways.<br/>
    My Prediction: AJ Styles wins, also taking out a ringside James.<br/> What Happened: AJ Styles wins, thanks to a ringside james interfering with Ambrose (on purpose this time)<br /> <br/> So far: 4 points. <br /><br />

Regarding the two scenarios I’m drawing up in my head, here they are:<br />
1. Dean takes James’ idea and runs with it. Helps James win the title and rematch from AJ in the following weeks. Dean then takes James’ word and becomes the #1 contender to James’ title and wins by taking him out hardcore.
2. AJ Styles straight destroys James and puts an end to all of this. Perhaps even Dean comes out and throws a Dirty Deeds on James and proceeds to walk out. James’ properly humilified then goes on to start developing an actual character and either becomes a professional singles match Jobber, or builds up a Tag Team stable and goes for the blue and silver, perhaps winning that belt from the Vaudevillains.<br /> Ok now Im just going haywire here. Hah, Vaudevillains being given real chances at a belt hahahahahah.

And so there it is. Soak it in maaaaan:

Match Winner Prediction Extra Credit Result
Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Wyatt Family Heath Slater pinning Randy Orton Wyatt Family, with Orton pinning Rhyno
Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin Baron Corbin Baron Corbin
Nikki Bella vs. Carmella Nikki Bella Nikki Bella
The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler The Miz
Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss Alexa Bliss Alex Bliss
AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose AJ Styles AJ Styles
Possible Points 7
Points 4

Survivor Series 2016 Results

1. [Blue] Kalisto vs [Red] Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship

**My Prediction:** Kalisto wins

So, Corbin came out and disrupted the match, allowing Brian Kendrick the win.
How in the right hell is this going to work, with 205 Live taping immediately after Smackdown Live wraps up. It uses the same arena as Smackdown Live.
What in gods name were they thinking with this one?

2. [Blue] The Miz vs [Red] Sami Zayne for the Intercontinental Championship

**My Prediction**: Sami Zayne Wins
The Miz squeaked this one out. Meaning the IC stays on Smackdown Live.
This can only mean that Dolph is likely going to win it back, perhaps at the next PPV?

3. [Blue] Smackdown Tagteam vs [Red] Raw Tagteam

**My Prediction**: Team Raw wins with Enzo and Cass as Sole Survivors
Breezango getting knocked out right away? Hilarious.
New Day getting knocked out seconds after that? Shocking.

I predicted that it would be the weakest match of the night. I think I got that one right.
I also predicted Team Raw would come out on top. So, got that.
But I did not see Sheamus and Cesaro being the sole survivors.

So far, 1 point.

4. [Blue] Smackdown Womens Division vs [Red] Raw Womens Division

**My Prediction**: Team Raw wins with survivors being Charlotte and Bayley

Wow. So, Team Raw won, with the sole survivors being Charlotte and Bayley.

Does.. does that count as 3 points? I’m gonna call it 3 points. Brings me up to 4.

5. [Blue] Team Smackdown vs [Red] Team Raw

**My Predictions**: Team Smackdown

Wow, now that was a match. I apparently forgot to also predict a survivor so I dont get to count that.
But Smackdown did indeed win, and this my far was the match of the night. It lasted for seemingly years
but just about everything was excellent. From Roman Reigns spearing Shanes Coast2Coast out of mid-air
(and giving Shane a concussion thanks to it),
to James Ellsworth of all people taking out Braun Strowman with a count-out,
to the temporary “Shield Reunion” to put AJ through the announce table. All excellent stuff.

And then, to have Randy and Bray come out the Victors?! Now that’s entertainment. Excellent stuff

So that brings me up to 5 points.

6. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

**My Prediction**: Goldberg wins

Well, Goldberg did win. That’s for sure. And he did it in a buck twenny-two. That’s, goddamned crazy.
Goldberg made Brock look to be almost human..

That brings me up to 6 points! Ding ding!


So that’s 6 points out of a possible 12. 50% correct. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Yes I watch wrestling. Yes I have fun making up predictions and seeing how wrong I am. Without much further adu, here are my predictions:

1. [Blue] Kalisto vs [Red] Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship
This is an interesting one because the stakes aren’t exactly “high” so much as they are “brand changing”. If Kalisto wins, he not only gets
the cruiserweight belt, but the entire Cruiserweight division comes to Smackdown Live. If Kalisto loses, Kendick retains and nothing happens.
It is my belief that **Kalisto** will come out on top. Kalisto has been reduced in status for a while now and I can’t think of a better way
to put the batteries back into his spotlight than to have a win that makes a difference to the “company”. Plus, RAW has been criticized a great
deal lately for how they’ve been treating the Cruiserweight division since it’s debut into RAW after the Cruiserweight Classic. Perhaps a home
at Smackdown, despite the 1h shorter difference in broadcast time, will make all the difference; as you can literally hear the crickets during every
purple roped match on Raw. A brand move, may spark the creative juices of Creative again.

2. [Blue] ~~Dolph Ziggler~~ The Miz vs [Red] Sami Zayne for the Intercontinental Championship
This one hurts a little. I really wanted to see this match with Dolph and Sami, but Miz grabbed the coveted belt just in time for Survivor series this tuesday.
But it is my belief at this point that **Sami Zayne** will walk away with the belt over his shoulder. Why? Because Kalisto winning the belt and championship, bringing all of that over to Smackdown,
if Sami were to win the belt, that championship and all of its history migrates over to Raw.
See it’s my position here that there will be a trade. IC Championship for the Cruiserweights. It just wouldn’t make sense to have Dolph Ziggler, who put his career on the line to win belt about a month ago, to lose the belt to Raw now, especially with the reaction Dolph gets from the crowds right now, the stadium just lights the hell up.
So to have Miz grab the title at the last second, only to lose it again in less than a week, would be both hilarious, and saves Dolphs position, and gives Miz and Dolph some beef to quarrel over.
I have a “or” prediction here and I know that’s cheating, but this one is just too good to pass up: Miz wins, keeps the title, BUT Mick Foley or Stephanie McMahan come out and swoop up the Miz to bring him over to Raw anyways (or he simply reveals in a after-match promo that he’s signed his contract already). Why? Because a couple weeks ago, Miz and Daniel Bryan teased that Miz isn’t liked by upper management and Miz may kayfabe feel as though he’s not appreciated enough anymore, and so the grass is greener on the other side.
Honestly speaking, I think this will be the best match of the night. Sami brings it pretty consistently, and Miz is no slouch either. The two have an energy to them
that makes me have to constantly rewind because everytime I blink, I feel like ive missed something important that just happened. Get them both in the ring, and man, gonna be a hard one to top.

3. [Blue] Smackdown Tagteam vs [Red] Raw Tagteam
I honestly beleive this will be the weakest match of the night. Something about the Tag Team divisions of either brand have been falling really flat to me.
Too much goes wrong, and if the 10 on 10 last week proved anything, is that there’s just no way to get that many people in one area for one goal and not have
people breaking character or “punishment levels” just to make sure the match doesnt extend for hours at a time.
Unlike the other two, I think the only thing on the line here is “bragging rights” for the promos on either brand, so being as im more of a smackdown fan than I am Raw, I will be on Team Blue’s corner. But I predict **Raw** may win this one overall.
But nothing would make me happier than to see The New Day lose proper.
**Sole Survivor**? Enzo and Big Cass. If Smackdown does take this one, I’m thinking American Alpha

4. [Blue] Smackdown Womens Division vs [Red] Raw Womens Division
Raw has Charlotte and Nia Jax. Those two powerhouses, with Charlotte having the better talent but Nia Jax being essentially the female version of Braun Storwman, are all Raw would need to take the match to the bank.
Nevermind the crowd melting draw of Bayley and Sasha Banks added to team Red here. What does Smackdown even have again? I can’t remember.
There’s just nothing over on Smackdowns Womens division that can even compare. I dont think Nikki Bella is all that great, though Smackdown Womens Champion Becky Lynch is a lot of fun I **dont** think she could stand up to Charlotte as a whole package, and Carmella has the least amount of in-ring talent on either team. It’s going to be up to Alexa Bliss, who is f’n excellent in every area, to stand up for the team. But I’m positive she’s just going to get absolutely slobberknocked by Nia Jax.
To recap: **Team Red** has this in the bag with the survivors being Charlotte and Bayley. Smackdown may need the win more, but I think Red’s got this one.

5. [Blue] Team Smackdown vs [Red] Team Raw
SHIT this ones tough. There isn’t a single member on either side I don’t love to death. I will be in **Smackdown’s corner here AND I think they’ll take it**. Why?
No doubt Braun Strowman is a huge game changer, and no one can deny Reign’s sheer power (and Raw’s determination to push him over) combined with Seth Rollins to work together like they used too.
But for everything on Team Raw, Team Smackdown has an answer. Dean Ambrose, the Lunatic Fringe, is the “least predictable” of the former Shield Faction (Which consisted of Seth, Roman, and Dean) and has a metric ton of energy. So I think Dean BY HIMSELF would be able to deal with Roman and Seth.
Braun is a huge tough guy, but if you got speed and a moderate amount of strength, he’s easy to take out. And Randy Orton, the newest member of the Wyatt Family, has that in spades. Bray Wyatt brought Braun into WWE, and Bray + Randy will be the ones to take out their giant former family member.
That leaves Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, team “Best Friends”, “Team Jerochowen”, “Team Kevincho”, “Team Kevin and Chris”, “Team Chris and Kevin”. While these two are undoubtably THE big thing to worry about on Team Red, I think Shane McMahan could hold his own against Chris, and AJ Styles being one of the best in the entire world right now can easily deal with Kevin.
That’s not to say the match wont be billed as an “edge of your seat” competition, but I think Smackdown will squeak out the win here, despite the possible storylines featuring the Undertaker as alluded to this week.

6. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg
I really don’t like Brock, at all. He’s an arrogant jack ass who ditched WWE for actual fighting, and has since crawled back to the squared circle. Brock has a career with WWE for a long time to come.
Goldberg on the other hand, this is billed as a one off appearance. And if the crowd reactions are of any indiciation, everyone wants Goldberg to win. It’s been so overwhelmingly one sided that even Paul Heyman can’t cut a decent promo in the past weeks because the crowd wont react properly to what he’s saying (always on “behalf” of Brock, because Brock couldn’t be bothered to remember some lines I guess)
I think Goldberg NEEDS to win this one, he’s being billed as a “Super Hero for the Kids”, and is definitely building himself up to be that icon. With Brock being the big heel here, I think it’s incredibly important anyways to have **Goldberg** beat Brock. The message of “good trumps bad” on a PG show where tens of thousands of kids are watching, is incredibly important to push. Don’t be a bully, be star, afterall and all that.

So to Recap my predictions for the wins:

1. Kaliso for Team Smackdown
2. Sami Zayne for Team Raw
3. Raw Tagteam with Enzo and Cass
4. Raw Womens Division
5. Team Smackdown
6. Goldberg

TLC 2016 Predictions

It feels like it was just last sunday that a PPV happened. Yeesh. Anyways!
This is Smackdown’s Exclusive PPV this coming sunday, and with a name like TLC, you can predict that there’s going to be tables. Perhaps some chairs. And at least one ladder.

  1. Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton)<br/>
    I don’t even know man. Over on Raw you got The New Day as champs, fighting to retain their belt and keep #1 contenders at bay in order to beat a record.<br/> Heath and Rhyno? Have done practically nothing of interest or even note since they got their belts. Meanwhile, Randy and Bray have been coming out on top a lot lately. They not only look really strong and intimidating as a tag team, but they also have Luke Harper in their stable to seemingly teleport in and cause a distraction whenever. It makes them formidable heel foes. After coming out on top at Survivor Series, and then taking out American Alpha on Nov 29th, it’s pretty easy to just sit here and say “Wyatt Family wins this one” and phone it all home.<br/>
    But here’s the thing: Defeating the New Wyatt Family, would not only help make Heath and Rhyno look strong, but absolutely legitimize them as fighting champions, effectively putting the spotlight on Slater and Rhyno and revitalizing their championship reign as something potentially interesting. Why is this even a possibility? Because Heath is young and despite being over, could use a bit more push. With Randy having been around for friggin ever, and with Rhyno always carrying to tag team, having Heath pin Randy should generate the biggest reaction.<br/>
    MY Prediction: I’m taking a gamble here, but Heath Slater and Rhyno wins, with Heath pinning Randy<br/>
    Just dug my own grave with this one man.
  2. Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin in a Chairs Match<br/>
    Ya sure, Kalisto showed a bit of a tweener side since Survivor Series. But I don’t think it’s going to matter in the long run. I dont think Baron is all that great, and I honestly don’t feel Kalisto has the chops to properly deal with Baron at this stage.<br/>
    My Prediction: Baron for the win<br/>
  3. Nikki Bella vs. Carmella in a No Disqualification match<br/>
    Talk about a match I couldn’t care less about. We have a reality tv actress promoting a show who refuses to step away from the diva gimmick, and a snotty new yorker character who to be entirely frank, I don’t think is even remotely decent at her in-ring game and will always wind up on my shit-list as long as her entrance sounds like an Iggy Alazea song.<br/>
    My Prediction: Nikki wins. I dont like either of these clowns, and want the match to end quickly. Just long enough for a bathroom break.
  4. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship<br/>
    Now this match, I am stoked for. Miz and Dolph put on matches that feature organic and natural technical talent. I’m noticing it’s pretty rare to see a couple of superstars pull off a few moves in rapid succession, and then the crowd gives a sudden pop to both performers simultaneously.<br/>
    Miz and Dolph also get real physical reaction from me each time they fight. Lots of “ooohs!” and “aaah shit!”‘s from me. There’s also so much in-ring skill happening all at once, that im transported back to a time where I once thought that the stuff happening between the bell rings was really happening. These two are absolutely magic.<br/>
    My Prediction: I think Dolph will win it back. It made sense to setup Miz with the belt temporarily so that the Sami vs Miz was a proper Face vs Heel match. But now it’s time for the rematch to legitimately bring it all home.<br/>
    Post PPV Prediction: This wont count for points, but I think WWE’s setting up for a Miz and Sami trade. Daniel Bryan has actively displayed his detest for Miz, and Stephanie McMahan on Raw has showed nothing but contempt for everything Sami Zayne is and stands for “Right down to your ska entrance music” ~Stephanie McMahan, 2016<br/>
    Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan has been teasing Cesaro’s twitter about coming over to team Blue. But with Monday’s bar-fight promo with Sheamus, I dont think Cesaro’s going anywhere for a while. But, Sami has been pushed really hard into looking under appreciated and under-utilized at Raw.<br/>
    So I think Miz losing the IC belt, will free him up to perform a clean trade with Sami.
  5. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss in a Tables match for the Women’s Championship<br/>
    Beck is a weird one for me. I like her in-ring style, I like her entrance music and attire, I like her passion and energy. I cannot stand her promos. It has nothing to do with the accent, Sheamus is capable of making the accent work. Becky just always sounds semi-scripted.<br/>
    Alexa on the other hand: I like her in-ring style, I like her ever changing costumes and style, I like her passion and energy, and I absolutely LOVE her Promo work.<br/>
    Between all the women in WWE right now, I truly feel that Alexa has the best promo presence and delivery of them all. And for that reason alone, I wish for her to be crowned champ. And if that does happen, I hope Becky takes a step back, fades into the shade for a while to seriously work on her Promo skills.<br/>
    My Prediction: Alexa Bliss. She has the talent, capacity, presence, and star power to be the rightful champ here. Becky needs a little more time in the oven. Also this will be like 2 months worth of build up due to Becky being out of commission and other shenanigans. I just think it’s time to really let Alexa shine and be an even bigger heel than Charlotte
  6. AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose in a TLC match for the World Championship<br/>
    Hooooo boy. This one really could go either way.<br/>
    I am a big time Ambrose fan. Dude’s always entertaining me, no matter what he’s doing. I feel he’s got the best promo skills on the entire roster right now, and I love his weird and diverse move set even if his signatures and finishers are a tad on the non-flashy side. He and AJ work magic in the ring all the time, either as good if not better than Dolph and Miz. I’m really looking forward to this one.<br/>
    My Prediction: AJ Styles wins, also taking out a ringside James.<br/> The thing is here, is that AJ has been made to look like a clown these past months against James Ellsworth and Dean Ambrose interfering and assisting in one big long running joke about “Best in the world” AJ Styles losing to a jobber, repeatedly.<br/>
    Now it’s time to reel it all in. AJ Styles has been an absolute champ with this storyline, it’s been entertaining as all hell, and has even changed one mans life forever for the better as a side effect.<br/>
    But now AJ Styles needs to look strong again. He needs to look strong, because the longer the joke goes, the weaker the world champ looks. And what better way to rubber band the effect than taking out Dean Ambrose in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, basically AJ beating Dean “in his element”.<br/>
    It’s no secret Dean’s a former Combat Zone Wrestling alumni, so this is as “bread and butter” as it gets for Dean in PG Era WWE. AJ pulling a victory here would sky rocket his legitimacy once again, and open the doorway for another feud.<br/>

Gonna be a lot of this in Angular 2

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge with Angular 2. It’s no secret that I wasn’t a fan of basically being shoehorned into using a transpiler such as TypeScript in order to use it in the first place, regardless of how good it actually is or was. As a large fan of Angular 1, once I got past the weird learning curve anyways, I couldn’t get on board with the incredible amount of changes that were already being proposed.

I just got used Controllers and $scope and such, why the hell are you taking them away?

Regardless, long story short, It’s not that I hate change, I embrace it actually; I just felt that this all of the changes presented to me were way too alienating. So much so, I truely believed that this should have just been billed as a totally different front end framework, as it’s just too much of a departure from ng1.

Now, it really doesn’t help, when I stumble across guides, recent guides mind you, based on Release Candidate versions on ng2, that provide sample code like this:

// app/friend.component.ts
import { Component } from '@angular/core';

    selector: 'my-friends'
    template: `
        <h1>Hello from the {{ componentName }}!</h1>
        <div *ngFor="#f of friends">
            <h3>Name: {{ f.name }}</h3>
            <h4>Age: {{ f.age }}</h4>

And then I fumble around trying to figure out what in the hell wasn’t working.

Turns out, my little issue was two fold. Once was my own mistake.

  1. I didn’t notice that ngFor used a different loop syntax. It’s a two letter and/or full word difference, but nonetheless tripped me up for a long while before I noticed. For some reason weve decided to abandon “in” for “of”. Im not a fan of this one because it changes the language when read out loud to sound like something that makes less sense. “For each item in items” is my favorite way to describe outloud foreach item in items. Makes sense. But using “of” just doesnt flow quite as nicely “For each item of items”. It just rubs me the wrong way, change for the sole reason for change against standard convention makes little sense to me. Of course there will always be exceptions.

But that’s a small gripe, just irked me a bit. The one that really got me is what follows:

  1. They changed declaration of local scope variables. I’ll admit when I saw the “#” in the loop, I wasn’t terribly sure what that was supposed to do. Surely the interpreter can’t be that stupid that it wouldn’t know how to differentiate basic language structure scope. But the way the sample was presented to me, this is the way it needed to be done. After some fiddling around, because surely the issue was, in my mind, my own fault; I finally threw the exception text into google. I came across this StackOverflow answer, and promptly shut the lid on my laptop and walked away.

They changed “#var”, to “let var”. That’s honestly a pretty fucking huge deal from Angular 2 RC.1, which the guide I was following was based on and provides sample code for. Now, HOW am I supposed to trust what im following will work at all anymore?

You may say to yourself “whatever its just a ” and im gonna stop you there because your wrong. That’s a fundamental language change that was implemented in the Release Candidate as Working. That’s like saying “Ok guys, PHP7.0.0 RC 3 is great, but for the real PHP7.0.0 we should change the $ variable declaration, to a #”.

Again, honestly, how am I supposed to trust this guide now? Angular 2, at the time of writing, has only just been officially released for a couple weeks now. And they’ve already deprecated, what I can assume is thousands of once viable tutorials to non working samples unless you shoehorn yourself to an older Release Candidate. RC’s are not the place to make drastic changes like that, hence the name “Release Canadiate”. It’s beyond beta to the point of saying “This is what we feel is a production ready product, we just want to make sure we squash any lasting bugs before we claim big companies should use this”. Flabbergasting.

ANYWAYS. I’ll get over myself. I just needed to rant for a second.

“Map” Functions

I love anything in programming that is there explicitly to prevent me from writing a bunch of nested loops and looking like a tool to my peers, while simultaneously making me look more like I know what im doing in the process.

Take Array Mapping functions for instance.

Ok so, scenario, you got a JSON structure like this:

        "id": 5,
        "title": "Whatever",
        "tags": [
        "id": 78,
        "title": "something",
        "tags": [
        "id": 12,
        "title": "another thing",
        "tags": [

Now for purposes of whatever, you need to collect the tag ID’s into a single, flat array. What do you do?

ids = []
for item in json_arr:
   for tag in item['tags']:

I mean sure that would work, and it’s fairly readable in a human way to easily understand whats going on.
But what if we could get away with that, without having to write some noobish loop?

ids = map(lambda item: map(lambda tag: tag['id'], item['tags']), json_arr)

Done and Done, and so much simpler!


**NOTE**: no this does NOT accomplish the same output. That was the joke. The nested for loops, at least in the case of Python, I find to be preferable.

**Spoilers**: I have no idea what i’m doing anymore.


All kidding aside, I have used Map functions before, and in a way that made sense. I can’t remember for the life of me what those were however, maybe I’ll update the article if I ever do.

Greetings Universe

First posts again for the 40 billionth time in my internet dwelling. Each time taking a different approach.

To the astute you may notice that this site is now powered by a static site generator. I find these “frameworks” facinating because it feels like a new and modern approach to solving an old problem in an old fashioned way. Back to using FTP to upload a folder of HTML files to an apache server hosted somewhere out of my control. Very cool.

So where does that leave KyleHarrison.ca? Honestly, don’t know. I’ve rapidly grown tired of trying to regularly keep up to date with blog posts and regular articles. So may try to use this space as more of a showcase of projects and supply a focus towards Pages, rather than Posts. But again, who knows.

I now leave you with a video of JonTron singing Katy Perry’s Fireworks, because I find it entertaining right now and I’ve got nothing else to put here yet.